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Components for HORROR FPS KIT


Looking to take your HFPS project to the next level?
Components has got you covered!

Current Version: 0.3.2
Latest Release Date: Jan. 5th, 2023
Supported Unity Versions: 2020.3.7 (HFPS 1.6.3a+)
File Size: 120 MB

Demo Build Docs Discord


*One License Per Seat


Designed from the ground up to be a complete extension for the HFPS system,
Components for Horror FPS Kit provides tons of useful systems that will take your project from zero to hero with ease!
In order to utilize Components you MUST OWN a copy of Horror FPS KIT!
What you get:
  • Action Bar
  • Complex Notifications
  • Components Save System
  • Ignitable
  • Screen Events
  • Simple Fade
  • Simple Widescreen
  • Sub Actions
  • 30 Main Scripts
  • 6 Helper Extensions (i.e Enemy Creator, Player Creator, Ragdoll Creator, Scenes Updater, Script Editor & Version Detect)
  • 9 Utility Scripts
  • 11 Demo Scenes
  • 2 Breakable Models (Locker and Table)
  • Demo Animations, Sounds, Graphics, etc.
  • Documentation


Dizzy Media Assets:
*Components replaces Easy Hide, integration is not supported*


Major Features:
~ Components: AI ~
  • Possessed – Adds possession to any object and can attack player
~ Components: Camera~
  • FOV Manager – Controls the cameras FOV (field of view) when called to, utilizes custom FOV states.
  • FOV Manager Connect – Connects actions calls to FOV Manager


~ Components: Destroyable ~
  • Destroyable – Makes any object destroyable, with breakable stages, broken pieces with broken force, explosion settings and more!
  • Radial Detect – Radial explosion detects / effects player and destroyables
~ Components: Hit ~
  • Health Spot – Holds health for specific enemy body spots, separate from total health for enemy, boss, etc.
  • Hit Receiver – Receives damage from HFPS weapons, can send damage via event to any script
~ Components: Player ~
  • Audio Fader – Allows fade between ambience and music audio sources with custom clips, keep ambience option and more!
  • Material Controller – Controls material swap for body parts (i.e show / hide)
  • Player ManagerManages locking player features (i.e zoom, lean, etc.)
  • HFPS References – Holds references to various scripts the system uses
~ Components: UI | Menu~
  • UI Control – Currently controls disabling / enabling save functionality but will have more features in the future.
~ Components: Weapons ~
  • Dual Wield – Allows dual wield of items / weapons with
    incompatible ID’s detection
  • Lighter Item – New item similar to candle but with unlimited use
    (i.e does not require refill, never expires, etc.)
~ Components: World | Items ~
  • Start Items – Sets items on scene start, can set per item to auto add item, auto add shortcut, display right away, etc.
~ Components: World | Player ~
  • Character Action – Allows you to create dynamic interactions
    (i.e hide, crawl, side step, sit down/rest, etc.)
  • Player Attention – Allows you to indicate attention points
    (i.e player turns and looks at door, zombie, etc.)
~ Components: World | Scene ~
  • Component Trigger – Trigger area to trigger components functions
    (i.e destroyable, player attention, player heal, player damage, etc.)
  • Scene Action – Triggers unlimited amount of scene events back to back with delays in between
~ Systems ~
  • Action Bar – Handy for displaying a screen space action bar to signify actions (i.e currently supports Character Action tie ins, can be used separately)
  • Ignitable – Light things on fire per the ignite time, per object
    (i.e candles, etc.)
  • Save System – Saves scene & save data for custom save / load (i.e load previous scenes saved data, etc.)
  • Screen Events – Shows screen objects when triggered
    (i.e jumpscares, moving bugs across screen, etc.)
  • Simple Widescreen – As the name states, simple system to show widescreen effect with a few options
  • Sub Actions – Allows for multiple on screen sub actions which trigger assigned sub action per input (i.e left, right, up, down, etc.)


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