Weapons for HORROR FPS KIT

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Tired of the generic arms items / weapons for Horror FPS Kit?
Weapons for HFPS is here to help!

*One License Per Seat


Designed from the ground up to completely expand what is possible, Weapons for Horror FPS Kit provides custom features and complete flexibility with no limits on what you can create for your players to use in game!

In order to utilize Weapons you MUST OWN a copy of Horror FPS KIT!

  • Custom Weapon Controller
  • Custom Impact Handler
  • 3 Demo Scenes
  • 30+ Demo Weapons
  • Demo Animations, Models, Sounds, Graphics, etc.
  • Documentation
  • 6 Weapon Types (i.e General, Camera, Light, Melee, Projectile & Throwable)
  • Weapon Aim (i.e similar to basic HFPS weapons)
  • Weapon Activation (i.e activate / deactivate via input)
  • Weapon Attachments (i.e camera light, taclight, laser sight, etc.)
  • Weapon Attachments Input (i.e can activate / deactivate via input)
  • Impact Types (i.e on impact spawn decal, particle, prefab, drop item, etc.)
  • UI Display (i.e ammo, lifetime, percentage, etc.)
  • Lifetime (i.e light > reduces life over time, etc.)
  • General Particles (i.e call to play via function from event, script, etc.)
  • Weapon Particles (i.e triggers on weapon charge, fire, reload, etc.)
  • Sounds (i.e call to play via function from event, script, etc.)
  • Sound Reaction
    (i.e any sound played from the sound library, can trigger a sound reaction for nearby enemies)
  • Supports Jumpscares (i.e reacts to jumpscare)
  • Supports Legacy, Generic & Custom Animation Setups

Additional information

Current Version


Latest Release Date

June 25th, 2024

Supported Unity Versions


Supported HFPS Versions

HFPS 1.6.3c

Supported Pipelines




Weapon Specific Features

  • Camera View – Shows live display through camera screen
  • Camera States – Can switch between different states (i.e night vision, etc.), comes with display layer options (i.e show something on one state but not another, etc.)
  • Activate Start / Stop Control – Controls activation for light source either instant or over time (i.e flashlight > instant, lantern > over time, etc.)
  • Flame Reduction – Options to reduce flame alpha, size or both (i.e for weapons that use a flame and lifetime options)
  • Hit Detection – Object hit detection via raycast using layers
  • Hit Options – Distance, force, delay, etc.
  • Impact Types – Spawns decal on object hit (i.e wood, metal, etc.)
  • Kickback – Weapon sway for kickback
  • Projectile Type – Charge, Semi-Auto, Auto & Shotgun
  • Aim Type – Screen Center or Custom Transform
  • Ammo Type – Limited or Unlimited
  • Bullet Type – Raycast or Prefab
  • Hit Type – Raycast, Projectile & Trigger
  • Impact Types – On impact spawn decal, particle, prefab, drop item, etc.
  • Shell Eject – Ejects shell prefab from transform
  • Throw Type – Auto throws object (i.e can use a delay) or Manual throw object
    (i.e via animation event, etc.)
  • Aim Type – Screen Center or Custom Transform
  • Impact Types – On impact spawn decal, particle, prefab, drop item, etc.
  • Save State – Creates saveable object on throw (i.e glowstick, etc.)



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