Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions.

If at any point while using our assets you feel like there are missing features or options, feel free to contact us and provide information on the feature(s) you’d like added.

We will considering adding the request(s) into the next version(s) of the asset indicated.

Feature requests should be as detailed as possible, either providing a short document on the feature(s) and reference videos if they are available.

We currently provide refunds based on the cases listed below

Accidental Purchase

When a purchase has been made by accident and the product(s) have NOT been downloaded yet.

If you download the product(s) at any time, you will not be able to submit a refund request.

If you have not downloaded the product(s), you can submit a refund request for accidental purchase(s).

Product Issues

If the product(s) do not work as intended.

If you are unable to use the product(s) and have already reached out / received support for the product(s), you can submit a refund request.

At this time we currently ONLY offer demo game builds.

We currently DO NOT offer demo asset packs for in engine testing of our products.

We are happy to answer any pre-purchase questions you have.

Feel free to contact us by either submitting new form on the Contact us page or join our discord server for faster response.

When a product is pre-ordered, it will become available for download once the asset is fully released. This is either indicated by the release date on the product page (if applicable) OR a general announcement from us.

If for some reason you can’t download products that have moved from the pre-order state to release state, let us know and we will look into the issue.

When a product is updated you will receive an email, you can opt in / out of product update emails in the My Account area.

Product updates are accessible directly from the Downloads area.

Subscriptions are a monthly service you can sign up for by purchasing a subscription package, like any of our other products. Subscriptions are charged monthly, per the amount / package you signed up for.

The level of support you receive will depend on the subscription package you ordered (i.e Indie, Standard, Business, Etc.)

Once a subscription has been purchased, you can check your subscription status at any time from the User > Subscription area.

If you would like to cancel a subscription, you can do so at any time from the User > Subscription area.

After purchasing a product you can access it from the Downloads area.

You can submit a new form on the Contact Us page or join our discord server for faster responses.

Product support requires purchases to be verified, please make sure to send along your username and order / invoice number.

You can use any Credit / Debit Card and PayPal / Venmo to pay for our products.

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