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Are you finding the Horror FPS Kit to be lacking in features?
Components has got you covered!

Designed from the ground up to be a complete extension for the HFPS system,
Components for Horror FPS Kit provides tons of useful systems that will take
your project from zero to hero with ease!

The Story Starts Here

Components was born from the desire to expand what is currently possible with HFPS,
providing flexible and customizable systems for your every need.

Highly inspired by games like Metro, Lust From Beyond and other popular horror titles,
Components strives to recreate a vast amount of game mechanics players love.

Professionally Made

Our systems are designed by professionals with over a decade of experience developing in the
Unity Game Engine.


Components systems are made to be flexible, providing tons of options and source code that is easy to customize.

Easy To Use

Intentionally designed for use by
game developers, Components offers straight forward and easy to use interfaces.


Our systems come with custom helper extensions to speed up the process for initial setup, project use and internal debugging.

Demo Scenes

Components comes with 11 fully customized demo scenes, showing off various aspects of Components Systems in different scenarios.


Our systems come fully documented, covering everything from initial setup to advanced usages. Demo content will always be linked in the documentation.


Below are some screenshots from the Components main demo,
hand crafted to completely show off all of Components features, with style.

Projects Using This Asset

We have definitely been blessed to have truly talented developers use our asset in their projects,
below you will find a few of the more notable projects we have seen so far.
(If you are using our assets feel free to submit them for display here)

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