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Audio Diaries for HORROR FPS KIT


Get some story in without interrupting the gameplay!

Current Version: 0.5.1
Latest Release Date: Jan. 5th 2023
Supported Unity Versions: 2020.3.7 (HFPS 1.6.3a+)
File Size: 100 MB

Demo Build Docs Discord


*One License Per Seat


Have you ever felt like your game is a bit too quiet?
Now you can spice it up with Audio Diaries!
Get some story in without interrupting the gameplay!
In order to utilize Audio Diaries you MUST OWN a copy of Horror FPS KIT!

What you get:

  • Diary Menu
  • 5 Main Scripts
  • 5 Utility Scripts
  • 3 Helper Extensions (i.e Scenes Updater, Script Editor & Version Detect)
  • 2 Demo Scenes
  • 6 Example Usages
  • 3 Voicebox models
  • Documentation
Dizzy Media Assets:

3rd Party:


~ Components: Interaction ~
  • Audio Diaries Interaction – Handles diaries interaction
    (i.e pickup, stationary, etc.)
  • Audio Diaries Trigger – Handles trigger actions for diaries (i.e start, stop, etc.)
~ Components: Systems ~
  • Audio Diaries Handler – Handles all diaries core actions
    (i.e play, stop, pause, etc. diaries, diary menu, diary player, etc.)
~ Components: UI ~
  • Audio Diaries Menu – Holds references for diary menu prefab
  • Audio Diaries Menu Button – Holds references for diary menu button prefab
~ Scriptables ~
  • Audio Diaries Library – Stores all locations, diary types and
    diary entries for each location.
  • Audio Diary Template – Holds diary values (i.e name, speaker, entry, portrait, audio clip, play type, etc.) *Used with diary interaction and diary handler*


Other Stores

Audio Diaries is also available on other store fronts listed below:

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