HORROR FPS KIT Add On Bundle (Diamond)


This bundle includes all of the necessary game mechanics you need to take your project to the next level!

The Diamond bundle includes the assets listed below:
(Keep in mind Easy Hide is NOT compatible with Components)

*One License Per Seat, Per Asset Included


One Bundle to rule them all!
Our Diamond bundle includes crucial game mechanics you need!

Spend less time worrying about creating new mechanics and spend more time on the important things.
Without a doubt this bundle will to take your project from zero to hero in no time!

*All assets included in this bundle are compatible with each other

In order to utilize any of these assets you MUST OWN a copy of Horror FPS KIT!

Additional information

Supported Unity Versions


Supported HFPS Versions

HFPS 1.6.3a+

Supported Pipelines



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