Text Diaries v0.5.2 Release

The latest version of Text Diaries has been released!
Below you will find a detailed changelog for this version release

Version updates are pushed directly to the Dizzy Media
and Unity Asset Store



1 March 2023

  • AddedText Diaries Trigger – Adds a diary entry on enter / exit of trigger
    (i.e options to play sound, show quick message, add to database, etc.)
  • AddedTag Selector – Added Tag Selector to Utilities
    (i.e for showing / selecting from the list of available tags
  • uPDATEdText Diaries Handler – Added Database_Contains checkaction
    (i.e return bool state, checks if database contains diary entry)
  • uPDATEdText Diaries Handler -Added Diary_AutoShow action
    (i.e auto shows diary assigned, for use with Pickup N Display and Display usage
  • uPDATEdText Diaries Handler – Updated Menu_Show action
    (i.e fixed display issue, more info below
  • uPDATEdText Diaries Interaction – Added Add To Database option
    (i.e bool state, adds to diary database IF true
  • uPDATEdText Diaries Interaction – Updated Interaction_Type
    (i.e added Pickup N Display and Display options
  • uPDATEdText Diaries Interaction – Updated Diary_Interact action
    (i.e for new Interaction Type options
  • FixedText Diaries Handler – Menu Show > Fixed issue with page display for
    books / journals showing on menu show, IF you exit the entry display with page display showing, using the Exit key (i.e escape), then show the diary menu again
  • MiscUpdated Prefabs
  • MiscUpdated Documentation
  • MiscUpdated Demo Scenes

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