Puzzler v0.4 Features

The new version of Puzzler comes with some handy new features!

Helper Tools

Item Look Delay

When viewing an item via the Item Viewer using a Character Action, exiting the Character Action generally resulted in the item being viewed, to immediately call the base hide animation.

With the Item Look Delay option, you can now prompt the system to check if an item is being looked at and if so, stop looking at the item first, before hiding the item and then exiting the Character Action.

This allows for a smoother transition upon exiting the Character Action.

References Catch

The Puzzler References script now offers a Catch References helper tool that auto catches all used references and updates the Puzzler References values.

References Convert

The Puzzler References script now offers a Reference Convert helper tool, this tool automatically converts Puzzler References to Components References and catches all necessary reference values.
(i.e for use with Components for HFPS)

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