Puzzler v0.3.8 Release

The latest version of Puzzler has been released!
Below you will find a detailed changelog for this version release

Version updates are pushed directly to the Dizzy Media
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1 March 2023

  • AddedPuzzler Object References 1.6.3c – Added new references scriptable for use with HFPS 1.6.3c (i.e more details below in fixes)
  • AddedScript Edit (SaveGameHandlerEditor) – Added new script edit for FindSaveables_Start action (i.e for use with Helpers > Scene actions)
  • uPDATEdPuzzler_Menu – Added PlayerUpdate action
    (Updates player layout from top menu, i.e Helpers > Player)
  • uPDATEdPuzzler_Menu – Added SceneUpdate_163aNb & SceneUpdate_163c actions
    (Updates scene from top menu, i.e Helpers > Scene)
  • FixedPuzzler Object References Scriptable – Fixed issue with puzzler object references scriptable breaking in HFPS 1.6.3c (i.e added new 1.6.3c object references scriptable)
  • MiscUpdated Documentation
  • MiscUpdated Top Menu (i.e Puzzler_Menu)
  • MiscUpdated Script Edits (i.e SaveGameHandlerEditor)

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