Durability v0.2.3 Release

The latest version of Durability has been released!
Below you will find a detailed changelog for this version release

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28 August 2023

  • AddedBench Item Template – Template that contains spawn data for bench items
  • AddedBench Items Library – Library of Bench Item Templates which can be used at benches
  • AddedInventory Slot (Script Edit) – Added new edit Break Context Options Add
    (i.e adds context options on the Inventory Slot itself for broken items)
  • ~
  • uPDATEdInventory Slot (Script Edit)Updated Show Context Update edit
    (Now uses Inventory Slot > Break Context options to allow front end user options
    for allowed contexts when broken)
  • ~
  • uPDATEdBenchAdded BenchItems_Type enum (i.e local or library)
  • uPDATEdBenchUpdated Weapon_Show action (i.e for bench items type options)
  • ~
  • uPDATEdDurability – Updated Break action
    (i.e for animation option fix, more info below)
  • uPDATEdDurability – Updated Hide_Buff action
    (i.e for animation option fix, more info below)
  • ~
  • uPDATEdDurability DemoAdded custom Inventory Slot Prefab to Inventory script
    (i.e for custom context options when item is broken)
  • uPDATEdDurability Main MenuUpdated Main Menu design / layout
    (i.e for custom durability presentation)
  • uPDATEdDurability Scene LoaderAdded custom scene loader for durability
  • ~
  • FixesDurabilityFixed issue with arms item / weapon being able to be fired in between break animation and item / weapon hide (i.e after item / weapon breaks)
  • ~
  • MiscUpdated Documentation
  • MiscUpdated Demo Scenes
  • MiscUpdated Prefabs
  • MiscUpdated Scenes Updater Template (i.e added Durability Scene Loader)

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