Durability Release

A brand new asset has just released to the Dizzy Media store!

Durability for Horror FPS Kit provides everything you need to break and repair player items / weapons on demand!
Give your players an immersive experience! Allow breakable items, weapons and more!


Here are some of the highlighted features that Durability offers!


In this video i show off the demo scene that’s included in the asset pack,
covering the major features Durability offers.

Durability is a well known feature in a lot of games and while it’s a love / hate mechanic, it can be useful to spice up gameplay or offer more diversity.

Implementing these features into the Horror FPS Kit has been a blast, i hope this asset can be useful for your projects!

The Durability asset is aimed at replicating mechanics like the Repair Kit in Resident Evil 7 and the Repair Bench in Metro Exodus.

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