Shooting Range v0.1.1 Release

The latest version of Shooting Range has been released!
Below you will find a detailed changelog for this version release

Version updates are pushed directly to the Dizzy Media
and Unity Asset Store

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10 January 2024

  • AddedPost Processing – Added Post Processing profiles
    (i.e main / arms camera)
  • AddedSurface Details – Added Surface Details Scriptable for use with weapons
    (i.e axe, pistol, etc.)
  • ~
  • uPDATEdShooting Range UI – Updated Rewards_Create action
    (i.e fixed issue with score result, more info below)
  • uPDATEdShooting Range Welcome – Updated documentation name reference
    (i.e fixes documentation button on welcome tab)
  • ~
  • SCENESAll Demo Scenes – Updated cage light material reference
    (i.e fixed missing light on material)
  • SCENESAll Demo Scenes – Updated player post processing profiles
    (i.e main / arms camera)
  • SCENESAll Demo Scenes – Updated player weapons
    (i.e surface details scriptable reference)
  • SCENESAll Demo Scenes – Removed left over Vendor UI Deselect script on background UI objects
    (i.e stage results, stage menu, etc.)
  • ~
  • FIXESShooting Range UI – Fixed an issue with non vendor scenes, where stage results rewards would not show the reward score (i.e left hand side)
  • ~
  • MiscUpdated Localization Package (i.e Prefabs, Scenes, Etc.)
  • MiscUpdated Prefabs (i.e GameUI, Player, etc.)
  • MiscUpdated Documentation

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