Enviro World Components


Enviro World Components adds a few extra features to the Enviro system and expands on what’s currently possible!

Current Version: 0.4
Latest Release Date: Sep. 15th 2021
Supported Unity Versions: Unity 2018.4.5 and up
File Size: 4.1 MB

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*One License Per Seat


As you might know the Enviro systems are really handy, allowing developers to create the games of their dreams with a flexible system and responsive devs.

While the Enviro systems come with a lot i found that some crucial features are missing and decided to create them as well as make them accessible for others to use and expand upon.

EWC is fully compatible with Invector World Components!

In order to utilize Enviro World Components you MUST OWN a copy of Enviro or Enviro Lite!

What you get:

  • Action Bar
  • Area Notification
  • 5 UI/World Components (listed below)
  • 8 helper scripts
  • Custom demo models, sounds, particles, weather icons and gizmos
  • 1 Demo Scene
  • Documentation


~Components: System~

  • ActionBar – Display a screen space action bar to signify interactable objects (i.e open chest, climb ladder, rest, etc.)
  • Area Notification – Shows an animated notification when a trigger area is entered.


~Components: UI~

  • Enviro Weather UI – Flexible weather display (i.e 12/24 hour display, Celcius/Farenheit display, Display icons based on time of day, weather, etc.)
  • RestMenu – Flexible and easy to use menu that shows rest options.
  • Simple Fade – Handles screen fades.


~Components: World~

  • EnviroWorldCont – Offers Time Based Events, Temperature Based Events & Controls world objects (i.e day lights, night lights, particles, etc.)
  • RestCont – Provides events for custom rest actions
    (i.e move players location, move time forward, etc.)


Other Stores

Enviro World Components is also available on other store fronts listed below:

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