Components v0.5.1 Release

The latest version of Components has been released!
Below you will find a detailed changelog for this version release

Version updates are pushed directly to the Dizzy Media
and Unity Asset Store



12 December 2023

  • uPDATEdCharacter Action – Added Mouse_Update action
    (i.e controls cursor visible actions)
  • uPDATEdCharacter Action – Added namespace DizzyMedia.HFPS_ShootingRange
    (i.e for compatibility with Shooting Range)
  • uPDATEdCharacter Action – Added Shooting Range Settings to Extensions Options
    (i.e for use with Shooting Range)
  • uPDATEdCharacter Action – Updated all instance references to local references
    (i.e game manager, etc.)
  • uPDATEdCharacter Action – Updated Action_Start & Action_End action
    (i.e cursor updates, Shooting Range support, etc.)
  • uPDATEdCharacter Action – Updated CharAction_Set, CharAction_Clear, Items_Update, Player_Move and Player_LockState (i.e for Shooting Range support)
  • ~
  • uPDATEdCompForHFPS_Integ_DialSys – Updated integration scenes for latest components updates
    (i.e player and game UI)
  • uPDATEdCompForHFPS_Localization – Updated all demo scenes for player update
    (i.e audio fader reference catch)
  • ~
  • uPDATEdComponents Menu – Updated Helpers > Scene top menu display
    (i.e fixed menu display issue, more info below)
  • uPDATEdComponents Menu – Moved Hit Receiver to DM Menu > Shared
    (i.e for shared asset usage)
  • uPDATEdComponents Menu (i.e Add Components) – Moved all Components values to Assets directory (i.e Dizzy Media > Assets > Components)
  • ~
  • uPDATEdDM Menu – Updated for Shooting Range support
  • uPDATEdHit Receiver – Moved to Shared folder
  • ~
  • uPDATEdLocalization – Added Shooting Range localization
  • uPDATEdLocalization – Updated Components localization
    (i.e fixed welcome window > non english > integration localization)
  • uPDATEdLocalization Pack – Updated for Shooting Range support
    (i.e localization keys, etc.)
  • ~
  • uPDATEdReferences – Added Audio Fader value to Components references
    (i.e for use with Character Action)
  • uPDATEdReferences – Updated References_Catch action
    (i.e added audio fader catch)
  • ~
  • uPDATEdText Table – Updated for Shooting Range support
  • uPDATEdUI Controller – Updated for Shooting Range support
  • ~
  • FixesComponents Menu – Fixed issue with Helpers > Scene top menu tab incorrectly referencing Durability and showing before activating components
    (i.e updated menu reference and wrapped in if statement)
  • ~
  • SCENEsComponents Demo Scenes (All) – Updated player references
    (i.e caught audio fader reference)
  • SCENEsDialogue System Integration Scenes – Updated Player and Game UI for
    latest components updates
  • ~
  • MiscUpdated Prefabs (i.e Player)
  • MiscUpdated Documentation

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