Components v0.3.5 Release

The latest version of Components has been released!
Below you will find a detailed changelog for this version release

Version updates are pushed directly to the Dizzy Media
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19 April 2023

  • AddedDual Wield Demo Scene – Added new demo scene to show off Dual Wield with various item switcher types (i.e flashlight, lighter, pistol, etc.)
  • AddedScript Edit (Lantern Item) – Added new script edit for flame mesh material catch update (i.e uses flame mesh reference, for use with Weapon Creator)
  • AddedWeapons – Added Knife and Uzi setups to player
  • AddedWeapon Prefabs – Added new weapon prefabs (i.e lighter, knife, uzi, etc.)
  • AddedWeapon Sounds – Added new Uzi sound effects
  • AddedWeapon Creator – Create player weapons on the fly
    (comes with 7 default templates)
  • uPDATEdComponents Welcome – Added activated HFPS version notification to Welcome and Setup tabs (i.e HFPS 1.6.3a Active, etc)
  • uPDATEdComponents Welcome – Added Version Symbols button to Setup tab
    (i.e for use with Weapon Creator)
  • uPDATEdEnemy Creator – Updated Animator > Pelvis check
    (i.e fix for non humanoid objects)
  • uPDATEdLocalization – Added Extensions reference
    (i.e for compatibility with Extensions for HFPS)
  • uPDATEdPlayer Creator – Added Generic option to Create options
    (i.e create generic HFPS player)
  • uPDATEdPlayer Creator – Updated Player Create action (i.e for generic option)
  • uPDATEdPlayer Creator – Updated all actions and display back end code
    (i.e for new COMPONENTS_PRESENT requirement)
  • uPDATEdComponents Demo – Added Uzi Weapon + Uzi Ammo in first boss room
    (i.e replaces Shotgun)
  • AddedAdded new Player Prefabs (i.e generic)
  • AddedAdded Extensions > Weapon Creator
  • AddedAdded Script Edits (i.e Lantern Item)
  • uPDATEdUpdated Extensions > Enemy Creator Version (i.e v0.1.3)
  • uPDATEdUpdated Extension > Player Creator Version (i.e v0.1.3)

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