Premium Support : Business Package

$99.99 every month

Having trouble getting started? Don’t worry you can leave the hard work to us!
Our Business Package offers premium support for all your advanced needs!
So take a breath because we are here to help!


This package offers project and scene setup for any of our currently available assets,
as well as resolving any errors or issues that arise during integration of our products into your project.

Alongside project and scene setup, the business package also offers custom additions / changes
per project needs or requirements! (i.e code / script changes, etc.)

We also include support for integrating 5 Third Party assets into your project!

Additional information

Support Type



Project Setup and Integration
Scene Setup and Integration
Custom Additions / Changes Per Project Needs
2 Complex Third Party Integrations
5 Non Complex Third Party Integrations
Resolving Integration Errors or Issues

Unity Support

Unity 2020+

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