Easy Selector | Retro Edition


Similar to classics like Super Mario Bros, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mega Man, Mortal Kombat and more, Easy Selector | Retro Edition gives you everything you need to make your very own retro character select screen with ease!

*One License Per Seat


The system supports both 2D & 3D setups, giving you full control over what you create!

In order to utilize the 3D movement setup you MUST IMPORT BGCurve!

What You Get
  • 4 Components
  • 1 Helper Script
  • 2D – 4 Example Styles
  • 3D – 2 Example Styles
  • 3 Demo Scenes (1 – 2D | 2 – 3D)
  • Custom Demo Backgrounds (Parallaxes & Static)
  • Custom Demo Sprites (Characters & Portraits)
  • Custom Demo Sound Effects (Regular & Retro)
  • Demo Animations & Music
  • Documentation

Additional information

Current Version


Latest Release Date

Nov. 5th 2021

Supported Unity Versions

Unity 2018.4.5+

Supported Pipelines




Components: 2D
  • ES Retro 2D – Controls all 2D functionality for Easy Selector.
Components: 3D
  • • ES Retro 3D – Controls all 3D functionality for Easy Selector.
  • • ES Retro 3D v2 – A slightly different but similar controller as Retro 3D (used for grid selection).
  • • ES Retro 3D – Character Mover – Controls character movement for 3D rotation display.
  • Parallax – Simple parallax controller for scrolling a seamless texture on a mesh.


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