Easy Hide for HORROR FPS KIT


Easy Hide for HORROR FPS KIT is a flexible and easy to use hiding system that allows you to create all kinds of hiding places!

Current Version: 0.5.1
Latest Release Date: Nov. 7th 2022
Supported Unity Versions: Unity 2019.4 (HFPS 1.6) and 2020.3.7 (HFPS 1.6.3a+)
File Size: 65 MB

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*One License Per Seat


Do you need places to escape enemies? You got it!

Hide In Lockers? Done!

Hide In Crevice? Done!

Hide Under Table? Done!

Hide Anywhere!

In order to utilize Easy Hide you MUST OWN a copy of Horror FPS KIT!

What you get:

  • Action Bar
  • 3 Main Scripts
  • 2 Helper Scripts
  • 3 Utility Scripts
  • 2 Breakable Models (Locker and Table)
  • 3 Demo Scenes
  • 4 Example Usages
  • Documentation


~ Components: Core ~

  • Hide Handler – Handles the hiding functionality per each hiding area.

Main Features:

  1. 3 hiding types (Crevice, Ground, Locker)
  2. Action Bar tie in (i.e use action bar, action text, etc.)
  3. Adjust character collider (i.e radius)
  4. Custom look & move speeds (i.e auto move)
  5. Enter/Exit states (i.e stand, crouch, prone, etc.)
  6. Front end UI utilities (i.e grab rotation buttons)
  7. Item Display states (i.e hide, show, input lock, etc.)
  8. Interacts with Dynamic Objects
  9. Lock settings (leave locked, unlock after move)
  10. Events (i.e hide/unhide)
  • Hide Handler Trigger – Handles the hiding functionality utilizing a trigger area.

Main Features:

  1. Start State (i.e active or not active)
  2. Trigger Type (i.e normal or time limited)
  3. Events (i.e hide events & timed events)
  • Player Hide – Handles player functions references as well as hide states.


~ Helpers: Core ~

  • Enemies Add To – Applied to enemies, adds enemy reference to Enemies Holder.
  • Enemies Holder – Holds references of all the enemies in the scene or manually added to the list.

~ Systems ~

  • Action Bar – Handy for displaying a screen space action bar to signify actions (i.e currently supports Hide Handler tie ins, can be used separately)

~ Utilities: Gizmos ~

  • Transform Indicator – Displays gizmos in scene view for object applied to.
  • Simple Icon – Display icon on object (custom texture & offset options)

~ Utilities: HFPS ~

  • Scare Handler – Handles jumpscare effects similar to HFPS jumpscare trigger, except in this case you can call to the scare handler and trigger jumpscares whenever you want.


Other Stores

Easy Hide is also available on other store fronts listed below:

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