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Magec2019 v0.2

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  • Completely re-worked editor UI (updated placement, added features, etc.)
  • Added min/max distance for viewport culling
  • Added pipeline verify (Supports standard & HDRP)
  • Fixed HDRP functions throwing errors in non-HDRP projects
  • Added new Scriptable Define Symbols
  • Added Helper script for HDRP (Add Symbol), accessible from the top menu
  • Added CheckCamera function (makes sure camera values are never null)
  • Added 1 mini script (Magec2019_Mini) for demo scene(s)
  • Updated demo scenes (Re-work)
  • Updated documentation

*Model Cull Functions*

  • Added model cull option (distance & viewport)
  • Added Magec Sets (List of separate sets of values for various model culling)
  • Added model cull types (GameObject or Renderer)
  • Added Grab & Clear model buttons/functions (editor)
  • Added model cull functions for runtime (distance & viewport)
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