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Invector World Components v0.3

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1. Added 2 new components

  • vRestMenu - Flexible rest menu
  • vEasyTravel - Flexible travel menu with travel options

2. Added 5 new helper scripts

  • BodyHolder - Holds the player body mesh/object (for vRebirth)
  • EasyDelay - Easily delay showing/hiding objects
  • HudHolder - Holds the HUD object for easy referencing *instancing* (for vRestMenu & vEasyTravel)
  • vPlayLight_Adjust - Adjust the player light when trigger area entered
  • vQuickAnimation - Quickly play an animation with a few calls

3. Added 2 new world setups

  • Player light adjust trigger
  • Area notification trigger

4. Added 3 new UI setups

  • vRestMenu - Allows easy showing, hiding and updating of the rest menu (allowing for lockable/unlockable menu items)
  • vEasyTravel - Allows easy showing, hiding and updating of the travel menu and travel options for point to point transfer (allowing for lockable/unlockable areas and locations)
  • Area Notification - Shows a notification text when the trigger area is entered.

5. Added Area Notification scripts

  • Area Notification (Core, trigger & connector) - Shows notification text

6. Updated menus

  • Added new components & helper scripts to top and "Add component" menus

7. New animations

  • Added rest animation
  • Updated player animator
  • Added area notification animations & animator (UI)

8. Updated demo scene

  • Updated all rest areas (i.e play animation, adjust menu show, etc.)
  • Added new setups (i.e area notification, player light adjust, etc.)
  • Added new tutorial texts (i.e explain new setups)
  • Added new UI (i.e area notification, rest menu, travel menu, etc.)
  • Hid ladder & moving platform
  • Added new spawn point (end)
  • Added transform indicators to spawn points, trigger areas, etc.
  • Removed baked lightmap data
  • Changed reflection probe(s) to realtime/on awake

9. New sounds

  • Added new sound effects (i.e area notification, travel, etc.)

10. Fixes

  • Fixed body jerking with vRebirth when birthing player

11. Misc

  • Updated prefabs
  • Updated packs
  • Updated documentation
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