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Invector World Components v0.9

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  1. Updates


  • All major components - created custom editors
  • All systems components (i.e iwc save, pickups, etc.) - created custom editors
  • IWC Save - Updated editor
  • World Controller - Updated editor
  • Travel cam controller - Updated editor
  • All UI menus - Updated UI graphics (due to invector packs missing previously used graphics)
  • Settings Menu - Added Index_Check action (tracks current index of tabs)
  • Settings Menu - Added index change event (triggers on index change)
  • Settings Menu - Added on open and on close events
  • IWC Code Snippets - Updated vCollectDisplay_Snippets edits
  • Code Edits Images - Updated Collect Display Images


  1. Fixes


  • IWC Welcome Screen - Fixed add on symbol define buttons not showing add prompt for a few buttons
  • IWC_Save Editor - Fixed file names = null deletes all files in project via buttons (file names = null locks buttons now)
  • Settings Menu - Fixed tab audio issue (switching tabs triggered multiple event invokes or audio plays)
  • Collect Display - Fixed display issue with auto equip items and pickup switch action when display is active (i.e second pickup while display is showing)


  1. Demo Scenes


  • Main Menu - Completely re-worked all UI graphics, layout, etc.
  • Main Menu - Fixed controller UI interaction (updated event system inputs)
  • Game Scene - Fixed all broken UI graphics (i.e missing sprites)
  • Game Scene - Fixed collect display and fog wall interaction
  • Add On Scenes - Fixed all broken UI graphics (i.e missing sprites)

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