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Invector World Components v0.9.1

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  1. Updates


  • vChestCont - Added name & area/location value
  • vEasyTravel - Added current location rest icon
    (shows where the player currently is)
  • vEasyTravel - Updated how vGameController is found (now uses instance)
  • vFakeWall - Added name, area/location, slot & start state values
  • vFakeWall - Added "Update World Controller" option and actions
    (Automatically updates world controller without needing external calls, utilizes area, location & slot values from the vFakeWall component)
  • vFallCont - Completely re-worked
    (now supports multiple players at once and ragdoll setups)
  • vLives - Added Start Lives value
    (uses this value instead of max lives to set current lives on start)
  • vLives - Added Life Use option (i.e use on revive or use when die)
  • vLives - Added new events (i.e life add & life reduce)
  • vLives - Added Lives_Reset function
    (resets lives to maxLives value, updates life indicators)
  • vLives - Updated Lives_Add and Lives_Reduce functions
    (i.e new events, life indicators, etc.)
  • vLives - Updated Player_NewLife function (to match with above changes)
  • IWC_Holders - Added Third Person Controller & Ragdoll references
    (i.e Misc tab)
  • IWC player - Updated animator
    (i.e added door push animations and values)
  • IWC_Save - Added values and checks for doors
  • vRebirth - Updated how vGameController is found (now uses instance)
  • vSaveLite - Updated how vGameController is found (now uses instance)
  • vSpawnControl - Updated how vGameController is found
    (now uses instance)
  • vTraveCamCont - Added Save/Load areas/locations data options
  • vWorldCont - Updated editor display
    (Updated buttons & show automatic values in auto tab)
  • vWorldCont - Added grab chests, doors, fake walls, fog walls and grab everything buttons + functions (makes it easier/faster to catch/reference objects in your scene, objects must be ON to be caught)
  • vWorldCont - Added Doors array to Location array
  • vWorldCont - Added Doors functions and values (i.e state update, etc.)


  1. Fixes


  • CollectDisplay_Item Prefab - Fixed issue where items would not display correctly without re-importing prefab.
  • vLives - Fixed "Lives_Add" not updating life indicators and checking max lives
  • vWorldCont - Fixed "FogWallsReset" throwing an error if you die before entering a fog wall.


  1. New Components/Systems


  • BattleMusic - Simple script that handles the boss battle music.
  • BattleMusic_Con - Connects calls to BattleMusic
  • vLives - Fixed "Lives_Add" not updating life indicators and checking max lives
  • Message Display - Displays in game messages left around the game world (requires input to show)
  • Message Trigger - Show messages when in trigger area (no input required)
  • Travel Cam Cont - New save/load scriptables
  • vEasyDoor - Open doors with sounds, animations, etc.
  • vFogWall - Holds values for vWorldCont usage.
  • vItemGive - Give single items with a function call (also has delay option)
  • vMenusLock - Allows you to lock all menus that require an input to show with one quick call *Reduces necessary calls to lock all menus by 80%*
    (i.e Complex Menu, Easy Emotes & Item Pickups)
  • vPlayerEffects - Extends the player effects usage playing breathing sounds, roll particles and more!


  1. New Integrations



  1. Demo Scenes


  • Game Scene - Added new door interaction
  • Game Scene - Added new messages (uses new Message Display)
  • Game Scene - Added vPlayerEffects setup, references and usage
  • Game Scene - Updated player vLives
    (i.e start lives, max lives, life indicators, etc.)
  • Game Scene - Updated how all objects/actions lock menus
    (now uses vMenusLock where appropriate)
  • Game Scene - Updated how battle music is handled
    (i.e now uses BattleMusic component)
  • Game Scene - Updated how World Controller data is updated
    (i.e chests, doors, fog walls and fake walls)
  • Game Scene - Updated how Fog Wall states are updated
    (now uses vFogWall actions)


  1. Misc


  • Added new sound effect "Player Breathing"
  • Updated IWC Welcome Screen
  • Updated store page
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated prefabs
  • Updated packs
  • Updated snippets

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