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Invector World Components v0.8

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  1. New Additions

  • Chest Controller - Chest actions (i.e open/close, item state, etc.), used by World Controller & IWC_Save to interact with chests & chests items
  • Collection Display - Display collected vItems or Fake Items
    (icons, names, amount)
    *Fake Items are items that are not actually stored in the inventory and are displayed to symbolize unlocking an emotion/gesture, etc.*
  • Easy Emotes - Play emotions from a menu
    (can unlock/lock emotions in realtime) *Fully compatible with IWC Save*
  • IWC NPC - Interactive NPC that plays sound clips, shows menus and has custom UnityEvent actions. Reacts to damage like any other Enemy AI
    (can be passive to damage or not)
  • IWC_Save Connect - Connects calls to IWC_Save


  1. Updates

  • Action Bar - Re-worked for multiple and flexible action display
  • v_AIController - Snippets edit updated (for IWC_AIHolders use)
  • vBossHealth - Added boss init event
  • Complex Menu - Updated action bar calls to match changes
  • Crafting Handler - Moved all weapon draw/hide functions to vEasyLock & removed any calls used in events pertaining to those calls.
  • Item Pickups Manager - Updated action bar calls to match changes
  • IWC_Menu - Unlocked parachute button in Add Ons tab
  • IWC_Menu - Added parachute define add & check
  • vEasyLock - Put reference values inside of class "References" & updated all calls that pertain to those values.
  • vEasyLock - Added IWC_Holders to references
  • vEasyLock - Added IWC_Holders functions
  • vEasyLock - Added draw/hide & draw lock functions
    (uses IWC_Holders > drawHide)
  • vEasyLock - Added parachute add on support
  • vEasyLock - Added new function "CursorsShowLock_State"
  • vEasyLock - Added new function "Player_LockMoveOnly"
  • vEasyLock - Added new function "PlayerCam_LockOnly"
  • vEasyLock - Player_Lock now handles weapon/draw hide & draw lock automatically if iwcHolds is not null
  • vLives - Event calls on player updated to match changes (i.e collect display)
  • IWC_Save - Added emotes save/load data and checks
  • IWC_Save - Added new world data and chests data
  • IWC_Save - Added Inventory file not found feedback when using debug and clearing inventory file
  • vLockOnAlt - Updated lock on health display to use IWC_AIHolders instead of EnemyHealthUI
  • vWorldCont - Completely re-worked
  • vWorldCont - Added chest + items actions


  1. Fixes

  • vEasyLock - Fixed issue with push add on lock
  • IWC_Menu - Fixed Rest Controller creation
  • IWC_Menu - Fixed Action Bar creation
  • IWC_Menu - Fixed Action Bar Connect Holders creation
  • IWC_Save - Fixed build issue
  • IWC_Save - Fixed item pickups > items amount not being grabbed
  • SettingsMenu - Fixed issue with resolution update not being correctly set on start (during builds)
  • SettingsMenu - Fixed issue where settings graphics to defaults did not update quality & resolution to default values (i.e resolution update, quality update, etc.)


  1. Add Ons

  • All Demo Scenes - Removed old melee setup (outdated)
  • All Demo Scenes - Removed old Action Bar setup
  • All Demo Scenes - Removed unnecessary connection scripts inside object MeleeController > IWC Components > Connectors
  • All Demo Scenes - Updated all interactions that use vEasyLock
  • Crafting Demo - Updated items/interactions to match new changes for action bar, collect display, etc.
  • Crafting Demo - Added crafting NPC
  • Crafting Demo - Updated layout, lighting, etc.
  • Crafting Demo - Added sound effects, ambience & music


  1. Deprecated

  • EnemyHealthUI (Replaced with IWC_AIHolders)


  1. Demo Scene

  • Added new main music
  • Added new boss battle music
  • Added 1 NPC
  • Added new chest open sound effect
  • Changed ambience
  • Changed Tutorial Info triggers in start area placement
  • Changed all IWC_Save calls used in menus & world objects to use IWC_SaveCon (for ease of use for IWC_Save scene to scene)
  • Changed all vWorldCont calls in events to use vWorldCont_Con calls instead (for easy instantiation and other uses) *i.e fake wall, fog walls, etc.*
  • Moved menu lock calls from Rest Area events to "vRestMenu" onOpen event
  • Invector Inventory - Fixed issue with item pickups & inventory button being the same, invector inventory moved to "RightStickClick" to open
  • Disabled "Crouch" input for player (used for Action Bar, action switch input)
  • Updated rest areas, chests, fog walls & inventory pickups for new additions
  • Updated vLives (on player) & vEasyTravel (in canvas) for new additions
  • Updated custom lock on position for enemies
  • Fixed menu lock issues with chests & inventory pickups


  1. Misc

  • Updated store page
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated prefabs
  • Updated file/folder hierarchy
  • Updated IWC_Snippets
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