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Easy Hide for HFPS v0.2

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  1. Updates


  • Hide Handler - Added "interact object" value (holds the interaction object)
  • Hider Handler - Added "interact object wait" value
    (Wait time before the interactable object is unlocked after move)
  • Hide Handler - Added box collider value (for lockers, etc .)
    *i.e disables collider instead of interaction object*
  • Hide Handler - Added "Mid Hide" event to Events
  • Hide Handler - Added "Item Display" options (on enter & exit)
    *i.e leave current state or hide/show item, weapon, etc.*
  • Hide Handler - Added "Enter State" (i.e keep current state, stand or prone)
  • Hide Handler - Added "Exit State" (i.e keep current state or stand)


  1. Fixes


  • Hide Handler - Fixed input spam issue
    (i.e player gets stuck if interaction input is spammed)
  • Hide Hand - Fixed prone state init on table hide
    (if already in prone, player state returned to stand then to prone)


  1. Demos


  • EH Demo Scene - Updated layout/display + baked lighting
  • EH Demo Scene - Added trigger area example
  • EH Demo Scene - Fixed main menu button in pause menu
    (incorrect scene name for load)
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