FAQ Page

1. What sort of services do you offer?

Our team utilizes the Unity Game Engine to produce various projects ranging from corporate presentations, games, music videos, simulations, etc.

When it comes to development, our team has got it covered. We can create custom mechanics from scratch, bring to life beautiful level designs, perfect audio in any scene, tie in third party assets, you name it, our team can do it!

2. Do you charge by the hour or per project?

We generally do a per project charge as in our experience, per hour always tends to add up to more than what the client is able to provide per their budget.

Each project is assessed when contacted and a base price for the project is then provided when all the project details are received.

3. Will you make a clone or re-skin game for me?

We do not work on clones or re-skins of popular games in any fashion.

4. Do I have to pay to receive a quote for my project?

Quotes are entirely free and can be requested at any time, keep in mind a quote does not mean that we have accepted to work on your project or the conditions for development have been agreed upon.

5. Can you meet deadlines if any are given?

Deadlines can easily be met as long as the time frame is kept within a reasonable amount of time and we have been notified at minimum, 2 weeks prior to the deadline.

6. Do you provide game assets for my game?

Clients are responsible to provide any and all game assets needed to create and complete the project presented. When a project is started it is recommended to have all assets on hand and ready to put in to the game, it is not entirely necessary but it does speed up the development process.

7. Are you comfortable signing an NDA or contract for the project?

We have no issues with signing NDA’s or contracts for creation or developing of a clients project, these contracts will be provided by the client as needed.

If the client wishes we can provide the necessary contracts at no extra charge.

8. How safe are my project files?

We utilize an ironclad security system to ensure complete safety for our clients projects and in no way share anything relating to the plans, development or completion of a clients project without express permission.

9. When can you start?

Our team is ready to bring your dream project to life, every day! … except Sunday.