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Prefab Fixer


Prefab Fixer is a simple and easy to use extension that helps you quickly fix broken prefabs that are throwing errors in your scene.

Current Version: 0.2.1
Supports: Unity 5.6.3 – 2018.x


If you’ve ever worked with prefabs before, you know they can be broken if you decide to move around or remove objects held on those prefabs. In other instances directly placing a model in the scene creates a prefab and links back to the model, instead of a prefab reference.

Another common issue is downgrading prefabs, which in fact usually breaks all connected components and nested prefabs, something that forces users to use a specific unity version or spend hours manually re-setting up the prefabs.

And while these are just a few ways prefabs are utilized, in every instance, a prefab can in fact become broken with enough messing around with a project.

Prefab Fixer gives you 3 ways of fixing your prefabs, by Fixing, Reverting or Re-connecting them, allowing the prefabs to update based on the option you choose.


  • 3 Editing Modes (Fix, Revert & Reconnect)
  • 2 Selection Modes (Manual & Object Select)
  • 3 Save Modes (Source, Scene & Custom)
  • Local information notifications (editor window)
  • Easy to use system
  • Custom editor window for easy use
  • Easy to debug

What you get:

  • 1 Main Script (2 Version – Unity 5 & Unity 2018)
  • 1 Helper Script (PF Importer)
  • Documentation

You can learn more about the product(s) on the forums!
Feel free to share your work there if you’ve used our assets in your project.


Package Info

Unity Version: 5.6.3 & Up
File Size:
586 kbs



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