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An all in one light & model culling system specifically for Unity 2019 and up.
Supports HDRP & Standard Pipelines.

Current Version: 0.2
Supports: Unity 2019.2.6 & Up


Magec2019 is an all in one light  & model culling system for Unity 2019 and up, it is the first of it’s kind and offers a ton of features to help you fully optimize the lighting in your project!

The system was initially designed for HDRP but supports the Standard pipeline as well, LWRP will be supported in a future update.


  • Supports HDRP & Standard Pipelines
  • Gives you the option to auto catch lights on scene start or use the UI menu
  • Catch models per Magec_Set with UI menu.
  • Check if lights & models are within players view (viewport)
  • Checks if lights & models are behind objects (viewport)
  • Check if lights & models are within a certain distance of the player (distance check)
  • Update shadow resolution via runtime (HDRP)
  • Update volumetrics via runtime (HDRP)
  • Update render mode via runtime
  • Update light enabled via runtime
  • Manually set min/max distance
  • Manually set min/max shadow resolution
  • Custom inspectors for easy use
  • Easy to debug

What you get

  • 1 Main Script (Magec2019)
  • 2 Helper Scripts (MagecDS & Magec2019_Mini)
  • 2 Example Scene
  • Prefabs (Drag & Drop Usage)
  • Documentation

You can learn more about the product(s) on the forums!
Feel free to share your work there if you’ve used our assets in your project.


Package Info

Unity Version: 2019.2.6 & Up
File Size:



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