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DynaBone Presets


DynaBone Presets is an easy to use system that allows you to quickly setup Dynamic Bones for Generic, Humanoid & Animal setups!

Current Version: 0.1
Supports: Unity 2018.4.5 & Up


Not only can you easily setup Dynamic Bone Components but you can utilize the default presets provided to quickly setup character bones, cloth settings and animal tail settings.

You can also create custom presets which can be utilized within the DynaBone Presets system, providing a quick and easy way to save your setups and re-create them with ease!

In order to utilize DynaBone you MUST OWN a copy of Dynamic Bone!​

  • Easy to use system
  • Create bones & bone colliders for various parts of the body (Upper, lower & full body)
  • Create bones for cloths (i.e skirt, cloak, cape, etc.)
  • Create bones for animal tails
  • Create, save & use custom presets
  • Comes with default presets
  • Assign default & custom presets with ease
  • Easily assign cloth points/transforms
  • Easily Assign tail points/transforms
  • Supports Generic, Humanoid & Animal Setups
  • Custom inspectors for easy use
  • Easy to debug

What you get:

  • 1 Main Script (DynaBone Presets)
  • 16 Default Presets (10 Human, 3 Animal & 3 Cloth Types *Cloak, Cape & Skirt*)
  • Custom Animation Curves Library
  • Documentation

You can learn more about the product(s) on the forums!
Feel free to share your work there if you’ve used our assets in your project.


Package Info

Unity Version: 2018.4.5 & Up
File Size:
0.98 MB



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