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Cheesy – Easy Cheat Codes


Cheesy is an easy to use and straight forward cheat code system, that allows you to create unlimited cheat codes for all kinds of games!

Current Version: 0.2
Supports: Unity 5.6.0 – 2019.x


Cheesy is a cheat code system made to help you implement cheat codes into your game, with zero hassle!

Currently the system allows you choose from a few options, cheat code activation sounds, popups, notifications, etc., as well as transfer from scene to scene in case you want cheats to be detected globally.

Keep in mind Cheesy is designed to be used for input detection and does not work for manual cheat code insertion, via text input, like some other games offer.
Cheesy is not designed for, nor works with, mobile inputs or VR inputs of any kind.

Cheesy works for any type of general input, this includes:

  • Controllers (Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Switch, Etc.)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse


  • Easy to use system
  • Drag & Drop prefab
  • Flexible script
  • Unlimited cheat codes (single use or unlimited use per game session)
  • Can transfer from scene to scene
  • Cheat activated events
  • Display notification via UI on cheat activate
  • Play sound on cheat activate
  • Custom inspectors for easy use
  • Easy to debug

What you get:

  • 1 Main Script
  • 2 Helper Scripts (Cheesy Creator & Cheat Creator)
  • 1 Example Scenes
  • 1 Prefab (Drag & Drop)
  • Documentation

You can learn more about the product(s) on the forums!
Feel free to share your work there if you’ve used our assets in your project.


Package Info

Unity Version: 5.6.0 & Up
File Size:



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