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Invector World Components v0.2

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1. Added 6 new components

  • vBossHealth
  • vLives
  • vRebirth
  • vSaveLite
  • vSaveIndicator
  • vSpawnControl

2. Added 3 new helper scripts

  • vBossHealth_Connnect (Connects this script calls with vBossHealth)
  • vEasyLock_Connect (Connects this script calls with vEasyLock)
  • TransformIndicator (Provides gizmo display options for transforms)

3. Updated demo scene

  • Fixed torch particles in start area (i.e on pillars)
  • Fixed bottom of ladder in pit (i.e updated models/collision)
  • Fixed fake wall (did not require enemy dead prior to unlock)
  • Fixed enemy reset near 2nd rest area (world space health was being destroyed on dead)
  • Added Rest Area to start area
  • Added new area to start area for lives & rebirth display (i.e left hand section)
  • Added moving platform to pit (allows you to ride back up to start area, faster than ladder)
  • Added new models (i.e display, placement, etc.)
  • Added new chest (bottom area)
  • Added new rest areas (bottom area)
  • Added new fog walls (i.e boss separators)
  • Added new bosses (displays vBossHealth usages)
  • Added new tutorial texts
  • Updated layout
  • Updated lighting
  • Updated baked lighting
  • Updated chest(s) items

4.Updated player

  • Added lives
  • Fixed attributes events enums (i.e change max health, etc.)
  • Removed start items

5. Updated UI

  • Unlocked 3rd slot for inventory items
  • Added multiple boss health displays (screen space)
  • Added lives (potion bottles in top left)
  • Added save indicator (spinning arrows in top left)
  • Updated logo (bottom right)

6. Updated menus

  • Added new components to top menu
  • Added all usable components to "Add Component" menu (i.e top menu or on gameobject)
  • Added new setups to top menu

7. Extras

  • Added rebirth/respawn custom particle
  • Added fog wall custom particle
  • Added custom sound effects & ambience
  • Added custom skybox
  • Updated prefabs
  • Updated documentation
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