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Invector World Components v0.6

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  1. New Systems:


  • Complex Menu - Upgraded version of Simple Menu, giving you more features, more options and more control.
  • Settings Menu - Change game settings on the fly, pre-built settings menu fully compatible with IWC_Save
  • Travel Cam Controller - This allows you to preview, catch and use custom camera position/rotation for travel points, instead of using the facing direction of the camera.


The settings menu controls things such as:

  • Music, ambience, voice, ui sounds volume
  • HUD - visible or not
  • Blood - use blood or not
  • Subtitles - show subs or not (meant for custom or 3rd party system)
  • Cam X & Y axis - normal or reversed
  • Camera rotation speed
  • Controller cursor speed
  • Controller vibration (meant for custom or 3rd party system)
  • Screen Mode - full screen or windowed
  • Resolution (i.e 1920x1080 screen resolution)
  • Quality - Uses quality settings setup in the "Quality" tab in "Player"
  • Gameplay controls - switches based on detected input (key inputs are not customized from here)


The travel cam controller has a custom inspector offering a few options such as:

    • Preview - Inits a preview of the travel cam position/rotation allowing custom values to be set through the inspector
      (Auto turns off all canvases, moves player to the spawn point/travel point and creates a preview camera which is handled via the inspector)
    • Stop - Stops preview and reverts scene back to how it was
    • Catch - Catches current position/rotation of preview camera, saves it and uses those values to adjust the camera when traveling to that location.


  1. New Components


  • vLockOnShooterAlt - Alternate version of the shooter lock on, utilizing the same functions as vLockOnAlt (i.e only showing enemy health when locked on to, etc.)
  • vRestCont - Provides events for more custom rest actions (i.e move players location, move time forward, etc.)


  1. New Helpers:


    • Graphics_Apply - Apply graphics settings set from the settings menu (i.e full screen/windowed, resolution, quality, etc.)
    • JoyMouse_Cont - Provides public functions to show/hide the controller/joystick cursor outside of the inventory menu (i.e show when opening menus, hide when closing menus, etc.)
    • Settings_Con - Connects calls to Settings Menu
    • ItemPickups_Con - Connects calls to Item Pickups Manager
    • ComplexMenu_Con - Connects calls to Complex Menu


  1. New Demos:


    • Free Climb Demo
    • Swimming Demo
    • Zipline Demo
    • Shooter Demo


  1. Updated Systems:


  • IWC Welcome Screen - Re-worked for the new additions (i.e add-ons, shooter, etc.)
  • IWC_Save - Added events for OnSave & OnLoad
  • IWC_Save - Added data for settings menu
  • IWC_Save - Added create instance option
  • IWC_Save - Updated IWCData_Load for scene to scene load checks
  • IWC_Save - Added data catch calls for World Controller, vEasyTravel, Rest Menu, Boss Health & Item Pickups data
  • vEasyLock - Re-worked to have unlock options per lock type and supports invector add ons (i.e climb, swim, zipline, etc.)
  • vEasyTravel - Added HUD_StateNoCheck action
  • vEasyTravel - Added menu animation option
  • ItemPickups_Manager - Added open sound option
  • ItemPickups_Manager - Added menu animation option
  • ItemPickups_Collect - Added particle options (i.e plays on pickup, self release *un-parent*)
  • vSaveIndicator - Added option to create instance or not (in order to avoid multiple instances)
  • vRestMenu - Added open sound option
  • vRestMenu - Added menu animation option
  • vRestMenu - Added events for OnOpen & OnClose
  • vRestMenu - Removed "Hide Hud" bool (replaced with HUD_State calls in rest menu events)
  • vRestMenu - Added HUD_StateNoCheck action
  • IWC_Holders - Changed the HUD_State action to check for Settings
  • IWC_Holders - Added new function call, skips Settings check
  • vLockOnAlt - Updated to match changes for Invector v2.5.5 changes


  1. Issues Fixed:


    • IWC_CodeSnippets - Fixed typo for vBossHealth edits
    • IWC_Save - Fixed issue where error is thrown if auto travel is false and vEasyTravel is null


  1. Main Menu Scene:


  • Added settings menu
  • Added settings button
  • Added controller cursor & joy mouse controller
  • Added save indicator


  1. Demo Scene:


  • Added Complex Menu
  • Added Settings Menu
  • Added JoystickMouse for use outside of inventory menu
  • Added HUD hiding when opening menus
  • Updated scene setups to match new menus & changes
  • Updated Event System inputs
  • Fixed issue where multiple menus are able to be open at the same time
  • Fixed issue where item pickups menu was able to be open at rest areas
  • Changed Complex Menu (pause menu) input to "Start/Enter or Return" in order to avoid conflict with inventory menu exit
  • Changed inventory menu input for controller to RightStickClick


  1. Misc.


  • Updated Dizzy Media Welcome screen (Added discord button)
  • IWC Menus & Add Components Updated
  • Updated IWC Code Snippets (changes to match latest changes/additions)
  • Updated Prefabs
  • Updated Packs
  • Updated Changelog
  • Updated Documentation
  • Updated Store Page
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